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KMK-1988A Before Embossing Polishing Lacquers

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●Use:Clothing、Shoes、Luggage and Bags
●Appearance:Milky white to pale yellow liquid
●Solid content:17±1%
●Characteristic:This product is a glossy type polishing material, show good color, is easy to  polishing, polished shiny gloss, gloss natural, through  sense of good, can be a good form double color effect.
●Operation:Embossing pretreatment.
●dry Article 件:100℃~130℃×1~2 Minute
●Precautions:1、When the need to change the color job,First test YF-1988A of compatibility with the pigment.
            2、before use please  stirring speedly.
●Shelf life:3 Month
●Packing method:180KG/Metal Pail、17KG/Metal Pail
●Store:Cool、Ventilated place


This information is provided as far as we know, because of the multitude of formulations, production and application conditions, all of the above statements must be based on a real processor Actual situation and adjust, we can not guarantee for individual cases.

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