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KMK-7087B Special Matte Polish Lacquers

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●Use:Shoes、Luggage and Bags
●Appearance:Slightly turbid liquid
●Solid content:25±1%
●The main ingredient:PU modified Resin
●Solvent composition:CAB/CYC/TOL
●Characteristic:especially bright, oily bright strong sense
●Operation: YF-7087B Plus Organic PU Color film 1-2%,15 article  dry veneer,100℃~120℃ drying time three minutes after separation.
●Precautions:before use To stir .
●Shelf life:6 Month
●Packing method:180KG/Metal Pail、17KG/Metal Pail
●Store:Cool、Ventilated place

This information is to the best of our knowledge and provide the, because many of the formulation, production and application conditions of different, all of the above statements must be according to the actual situation of the processors and adjustmen

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