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KMK-516A Blow Bright Resin

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●Appearance:Transparent liquid And Yellowish
●Solid content:17±1%
●Characteristic: Blow effect strong ,Collocation blow  resin YF-5166 deal witheffect good.
●Operation:Generally 120 mesh  and 150 mesh deal with leather surface.
●Precautions:1、When the need for change color jobs,First test YF-516A of compatibility with the pigment.
            2、Stir before use.
●Shelf life:6 Month
●Packing method:180KG/Metal Pail、17KG/Metal Pail
●Store:Cool、Ventilated place

This information is provided as far as we know, because of the multitude of formulations, production and application conditions, all of the above statements must be based on a real processor Actual situation and adjust, we can not guarantee for individual cases.

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